August 2, 2021
It’s Race Week!!! Please read all the information below and you can also refer to the PDF which has a lot of information as well. If you’ve done our race before, please review these recent changes (these are the same as 2019, but just as a reminder…):
  • The swim is shorter – 600 yards or 12 lengths of the pool.
  • The bike course is 3 laps of a 5 mile loop.
  • The run is an out and back, mostly on a gravel path.
  • One transition area. This means everyone needs to register, be set up, and out of transition area between 5:45 and 6:55am. Please be out of the transition area by 6:55am!

Registration/Packet Pick-up:
5:30-6:30 PM Friday night at the pool or 5:45-6:30 AM Saturday morning.

You can pick up your swim cap and t-shirt on Friday evening at the pool between 5:30 and 6:30pm. If you do this, you will proceed directly to the table with the blue balloons on Saturday morning. If you choose not to stop by on Friday evening, you will need to go to three stations for registration Saturday morning: first the RED balloons (signing a waiver), then the WHITE balloons (getting your cap and t-shirt), then the BLUE balloons (timing chip & body marking).


This is where you will pick up your timing chip and get body marked. Again, leave yourself enough time to get registered, set up, and OUT OF TRANSITION BY 6:55am. 

NEW THIS YEAR! We have a downloadable waiver here. We do need a hard copy with your signature, so if you want to print it out and bring it with you, you can skip the red table on Saturday morning.

If you have questions, come Friday night and ask away! Our race committee will be on hand to point things out and show you where everything will be Saturday morning. (PS - You may only pick up your own packet – if you can’t make it Friday, you can get it Saturday morning – remember you need to pick up your chip and get body marked on Saturday anyway...)

For parking Friday night, it will be easiest to park in one of the small parking areas between Children's Lake and the pool and walk across the foot bridge to the pool.

Saturday ParkingYou may park in the pool parking lot, but will not be able to leave until the race is completely finished around 11:00. There is also street parking available in town.

Race Morning: A few highlights we want you to be aware of for race morning:

- When you arrive, start at the red balloon (waiver station), then go to the white balloon (get your t-shirt, swim cap & bike number), next to the blue balloon (get your chip and body marking). Once you have that, head to transition and get set up. Red. White. Blue. Easy to remember.

- We have bike numbers to help volunteers on the bike course identify race participants vs. Saturday-morning-riders. The numbers need to be attached to your bike – top tube or seat tube are the easiest locations. (We do not use running bibs/numbers.)

- If for any reason you start the race but cannot complete it, please remember to turn your chip in to a volunteer at the finish line. We are diligent about making sure all athletes return to transition and the finish area safely and check off numbers as people come in and out of transition.

- There is no warming up in the smaller surrounding pools. At the start, listen for your race number and get in line at the appropriate time. If you have a number 1-20, please be ready to swim at 7:00 AM.

- There is no backstroke in the pool! Side stroke is allowed if it is done safely and you stay in your own lane. We reserve the right to pull anyone out of the pool for safety reasons.

- Also, a reminder, when swimming in the pool, swim on top of the lines at the bottom of the pool, not between lines.

- The bike course is on open roads. All turns are right turns, but some roads are very busy with heavy traffic. Please be aware of your surroundings and value safety over speed! We reserve the right to disqualify riders who are riding recklessly or crossing the double yellow lines in the middle of open roads. Especially be aware of the sharp turn from Lutztown Road onto Leidigh Road that's at the bottom of a hill. We will have special police there and will be watching for riders crossing the double yellow lines.

- Remember to complete 3 loops of the bike course.

And a couple bonus reminders: Once you have your timing chip, try not to cross any timing mats until you start your race – especially after 7:00 AM because it will cause timing problems!

Please stay in numerical order for starting the swim. Yes, we have been lenient on this in the past – but it can create organizational problems as the morning progresses, so PLEASE help us out and stay in numerical order!

If you know you won’t be able to participate, but you are registered, if you could let us know at, that would help us with coordination on Saturday morning. [Please note: with the busyness of race week, we may not be able to reply to emails to this address so you may receive an auto-reply.]​

Boiling Springs Triathlon

August 7, 2021, 7:00 am
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