Boiling Springs Triathlon

August 6, 2016, 7:00 am
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2016 Sponsors
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July 13, 2016 - We have SOLD OUT for individuals but still have 4 team spots available. If you haven't registered, convince two friends to join you for an awesome Saturday morning and sign up!

Also, if you have not done this race before, or if you have and have forgotten some of the details, please refer to our Race Details page and/or this PDF which contains a ton of good race day information. On race day, a majority of participants will be required to have their bikes racked and be out of transition area by 6:55 AM. Some participants (who will be starting later) will have until 8:00 AM in transition. Our transition area is clearly divided to keep these groups separate. 

The website will be updated and you will receive an email on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the race letting you know which group you are in. We usually have two colors of swim caps and one color indicates you will be in the "early" group, the other color indicates the "later" group. In any case, plan to get to the race early and cheer on other competitors in the swim - and remember, if you have any questions on the format or rules of the race, please read the PDF!

Good luck in your final weeks of preparation and we can't wait to see you pool-side on August 6!

Bonus Info: The Boiling Springs Pool is open at 7PM for an entry fee of $2 if you are interested in swimming laps. It's not a designated lap swim time so there could be other people in the pool and the lane lines on the bottom of the pool are not there (we put those in Friday before the race), but at least it's an opportunity to get in the pool before race day.