July 12, 2019 - 3 short weeks until race day is here! And we are officially sold out!

We'll have more information for you as we get to race week - keep your eyes on this site and your email you used to register for the race as those are our primary means of communicating. If you have questions, take a look at our race details which should answer many of your questions.

Still nervous or have questions about how this whole triathlon thing works? Plan to come to the pool Friday evening to register and one of our volunteers will answer anything you want to ask and show you the layout of the pool, transition area, etc.

New for this year, we decided to reduce the length of the swim portion of the race to 600 yards (12 lengths of the pool). Our hope is this not only provides more opportunity for people who want to try a tri, but are “less-than-enthusiastic” about the swim, but it also should shorten the overall time from start to finish of the race, allowing people to stick around for awards and post-race treats (including free ice cream!)
Boiling Springs Triathlon

August 3, 2019, 7:00 am
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